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Reach Out Program


The purpose of the Reach Out Program is to help students gain:
This program will benefit students, your communities, colleges/universities the participating school districts in the Northwest.
  1. Students can build on established relationships, allowing for the development of Articulation Agreements between Washington State’s Community College and HBCU’s.
  2. These agreements will enhance the Community College graduating seniors matriculate directly into a four-year HBCU with Junior Status, acceptance into the college/university. This would require negotiated agreements on the curriculum and transfer of credits. This will encourage students to start their college education in familiar surrounding and transfer to a successful Bachelor and Master Degree graduates.

  3. In turn, your institution would provide the North Thurston Public School and other districts with student teachers. They will serve as educators, mentors and tutors for students in the Northwest and recruiters for your institution. The student of color enrollment in the Northwest is less than 8%. State teachers will have the opportunity to work with students other than ethnic background. Our efforts will result in students of color embracing education to realize their long-term goals.

  4. Thurston Group of Washington State will follow the matriculation students through the transfer process from community college and students from your college/university to the Northwest for student teaching. Students of color will gain the teacher ratio that will certainly improve teacher/student relationship. The Thurston Group and local community will provide relocation assistance to the interns and student teachers. We would like you and your institutions to be the foundation for the concept of educating students and returning them to their communities as Interns and Educators.

These opportunities will initially be available throughout Thurston County and surrounding areas. In the future other School Districts and Community Colleges, throughout the Northwest, will become a part of the Reach Out Program. Participating Students will also be able to seek employment in other fields offered at Community Colleges and other Northwest employing companies and organizations.

Thurston Group of Washington State has developed eight areas of the Reach Out Program. These Eight Elements of the “Reach Out Program” areas are as follows:

Historically Black Colleges & Universities (HBCU’s) – Is the key element in the Reach Out Program. The program begins with the opportunities HBCU’s our students for higher education. The HBCU’s will then continue to work with the TGWS in the development of the “Sister School Relationships,” and provide qualified Student Teachers to be hired as teachers in Washington State.

Community Colleges in Washington State – Students will be able to transfer from a participating community college directly onto a four year college/university as a junior. In turn the HBCU’s will supply community colleges with students who met the colleges’ requirement for short or long-term employment. They would also participate in a staff exchange between the HBCU”s and the community College.

School Districts in Washington State – This element allow students who are attending HBCU’s, in the field of education, to return to Washington State to do their student teaching, and become certified teachers. It also provides an avenue for other students from these colleges/universities, wishing to do their student teaching in Washington State.

Washington State Colleges & Universities – Assist independent Washington State Colleges & Universities, who are affiliated with national religious organizations, in establishing an active “Sister School Relationship” with HBCU’s of the same affiliation.

Superintendent of Public Instructions – Assist Superintendent developing a program to ensure out-of-state Student Teachers obtain “Washington State Teaching Certification.”

Business in Washington State Develop a partnership with businesses/corporations and students to provide Internships or Apprenticeships, or to provide summer employment for students attending the participating colleges/universities. Both areas address a student’s immediate and long-term need for employment and work experience

Churches in Washington State – Those churches affiliated with the participating college/universities would provide watch-care for those students who are participating in the Reach Out Program.

Communities – “It takes a Village to Raise a Child.” The success of the program weighs heavily on members of the community who are willing to provide housing, watch care, support and encouragement, and be an external family to those participating students.


TGWS has developed linking partnerships Thurston County Schools, Bremerton, Puyallup and Tumwater School Districts, for Student Teaching opportunities and local community colleges for Sister School Partnership and Relationships. These arrangements will establish a smooth working relationship between these institutions in order to facilitate activities and opportunities for returning Northwest Students of Color. By working with the, Thurston Group of Washington State, these programs provide a support system for these returning students.

HCBU’s and Thurston County have begun to communicate on these issues and possible opportunities. We continue to reach out to other colleges and universities.


Thurston Group of Washington State assist in establishing communications through site visits, meeting, and correspondence. It will be ongoing and on an as-needed-basis, to carry out the intent and spirit of the Reach Out Program. This process has already begun. Thurston Group of Washington State Reach Out Program and participating colleges and universities are currently drafting agreements through the Reach Out Program.

We encourage your active participation in the Reach Out Program.

If you are interested in volunteering or participating in the Reach Out Program please contact us: (360) 459-9067.